Mobile Phones

The simple answer is that you cannot access the information on a phone that doesn't boot up.
If your phone supports USB OTG (On The Go) you can connect a OTG adapter and then a USB mouse.
It's usually under "Settings > Bluetooth" but depends on what device you have. You might want to check the manual.

Tablet or iPad

Depends on the problem, it's usually only the glass that needs replacement. Bring it to us and we'll make it look like brand new again.
Don't hessitate to request a quote from our experts:
You can change the colour of your device but you will void your warranty. We recommend to do so only after the device's warranty finishes.

Mac and PC

It usually is a faulty power supply. But you will have to bring it to us so we can make a proper diagnostic.
You can use a good brush to clean the dust from your fan. If you have a laptop, we recommend a can of air.
You might be able to, but it's recommended to let some professionals have a look at that since you can cause severe damage to the laptop's chassis.
At we recommend using a Solid State Drive instead of the normal Hard Drive because you only get benefits. It's way more secure and it's 20x faster than a normal Hard Drive.